About us


LiuSal NYC


LiuSal is a mid-range contemporary streetwear brand inspired by today’s culture with a strong focus on pushing today’s fashion forward . We are an all inclusive brand and strive to break society’s view on labeling. Here at LiuSal we refuse to blend in therefore the brand was created for those who want to evolve their own individual style. Our objective is for our Tribe Member to command a room without having to say a word.


Love Is Universal Strive Achieve Longevity


Antonio Stephens a.k.a Mr. LiuSal was born March 11, 1988 in The Bronx, NY to Puerto Rican and African American parents. From growing up in the rough neighborhood of Clinton avenue where the Hip-hop Culture had a heavy influence to Riverdale , a Bronx suburb where its main culture were skateboarding/ Rollerblading / Bike riding young LiuSal developed an edgy and unique personal style . However, it was not until his favorite aunt introduced him to high end fashion brands and taking him on shopping spree to department stores that Mr. LiuSal grew a passion for designs causing him to one day want a high end brand of his own. 2014 , LiuSal NYC was born.