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LiuSal is a Genderless high end contemporarybrand inspired by today’s culture . The mission is to break the status quo of society views such as labelingapparels , accessories and shoes into genres and genders . Our objective is to create a non-gender specific fashion brand. Encouraging our customers to free themselves, and own their true individuality using fashion and style as an outlet using our unconventional use of fabrics , colors and prints and innovative designs . LiuSal stands for Love Is Universal , Strive , Achieve , Longevity. It is just the BEGINNING!!!




Born and raisedin Bronx , New York , toPuerto Rican and African American parentsAntonio Stephens a.k.a MR. LiuSal as a childgrew a passion for painting and drawing. Growing up in a rough neighborhood of Crotona avenue where the Hip-hop culture had a heavy influence on his early ages to moving to Riverdale a Bronx suburbfor his high school years where Biking and Skateboarding were their culture. Young Mr.LiuSal developedan edgy and unique personal style. Unlike most of his peers , Mr.LiuSalwas ahead of his time,  already wearing European and Asian fashion brands thanks to his aunt introducing him to high fashion and giving him the aspirations to one day own his own high end brand .

 In 2008, Mr.LiuSal opened up a vintage online shop “ Buy and Sell your wardrobe“ that allowed his customers to buy and sell their old goods , although the shop was doing great , Mr.LiuSal did not feel challenged enough and decided to embark on a new adventure “ Fashion Designs “. Therefore, In 2009- 2010, Mr.LiuSal was able to land a contract with “ New Era “ as a Custom Hat designer giving him licensing to create his own line of hats sold through his second online boutique “ Simple NYC“. The line was doing amazing and even got featured on Strictly Fitted website . In 2014,  LiuSal NYC was bornand in 2015,  Season 1 collection dropped featuring Dale Moss. The collection did so well that a Season 1.1 was dropped in 2016 which was sold into Probus NYC & Maybe Sunday Collective.  Mr.LiuSal continues to pursuit his mission of a Genderless world , his Season 2collection will dropped July 2017 as you will witness his ongoing evolution. Stay tuned , this is “ THE BEGINNING “.